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Like any job that is important and difficult, parenting well usually requires training and support.  Historically, society has treated parenting as either easy or unimportant, and parents have fended for themselves, relying on whatever their own parents did to get by.  Active Parenting, developed by Michel Popkin, is based on the groundbreaking work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikers, in addition to Tom Gordon, Carl Rogers, and Robert Carkuff, all leading thinkers in the world of parenting.  Used by millions of parents and educators since 1983, this course will teach you practical, simple skills to use with your family in order to find greater love and peace in your home.

Become and affiliate

Become an affiliate


You Will Learn:

  • How to help children survive and thrive in a democratic society
  • How to build mutual respect and trust
  • The difference between punishment and discipline
  • How to understand and redirect misbehavior
  • How to build courage and self worth that lasts
  • How to hold effective family meetings

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