Instead of this…

Passive Listening - Fail

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1.  Stop all distractions.  No screens, phones, or people take precedence, or interrupt you, even to glance at. (I know, straightjacket yourself away from your cell phone)  Let go of any verbal response you are tempted to share.

2.  Practice just being there, and give your full attention  Be interested. Look interested.

3.  Show you truly care by using short door openers like “hmmm”, “Can you tell me more?”  Decide not to make a judgement of any kind at this time, and instead, just listen. Sometimes that’s all we need!

4.  When you can see that the other person feels heard (they will relax, or sigh, or even cry or laugh), gently give encouragement.

Try this…

Passive Listening - Pass

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