Here’s what people are saying about Know How Mom classes

“This course has changed the world of my family. In just three weeks of practicing my new skills I have seen my children feel respected, honored and understood – and now they cooperate more! I have learnt how to honor their true selves and how to speak to them about problems without bribing or punishing. I love the feeling in our home and I love how I feel as Parent. I still make mistakes and revert to my old ways in times of stress, but it is happening less and less and I feel confident now that as I keep practicing, I will be able to help my children become the courageous, hardworking, loving, loved, confident people they were born to be. Georgia, you have my maximum respect and gratitude. Thank you for this enormously important work. I feel like this class should be mandatory when you become a parent and the world would have less problems.” –Rowena Bright Hyldahl, parent

“My family is the most important thing to me and I have had many sad nights feeling hopeless about my parenting skills. I know that I can do a better job at creating a home that fosters love and growth. I feel like I have so much more information that I believe in and now can practice it with my family. I know that this information can transform our family life and my kids can become more empowered and confident in the choices they will come across in life as I practice these concepts. I am so grateful for this class.” –Shelby Russell

“Georgia has a wonderful way of teaching about families and parenting. What I learned in her parenting class has not only helped me feel more prepared to face the challenges of parenting, but has taught me skills that I have used in so many different relationships in life—between both friends and family. The time you spend in this class is absolutely worth it!” –Michelle Rawlins

“In a nut shell…this has changed ME! The way I think about my relationship with my kids and how I view them as little individuals, and allow them to express to me how they are feeling/thinking. And, making sure they know they are a vital member of our family.”  –Lindsay Johansen

“Georgia’s Active Parenting taught me principles and helped me practice skills that have been incredibly helpful. I feel better able to build positive, trusting communication habits my son so that he really feels I understand him, to step back and give him the opportunity to solve some of the challenges he encounters, and when necessary to discipline in a fair and reasonable way.” –Travis Smith

“Georgia is a wonderful facilitator. She is great at setting up and following ground rules as well as creating a safe place for people to participate. She also has the knowledge that is required to teach this class. When challenges parents were facing were presented she knew how to allow others to give their advice and input which helped us learn and brainstorm. She always has amazing ways to implement the skills. Her skills at teaching, facilitating and knowing her information allow an incredible environment to learn an apply the lessons being taught.”  –Megan Helland

“Georgia has a gift to take a subject that can be overwhelming and stressful and make it fun and straight forward. Learning specifics about how to respond to my daughters misbehavior without emotion and using natural consequences as the teacher prevents me from over reacting and feeling badly about my skills as a father. I cannot thank you enough – I only wish the course was longer!” –Spencer Knight

“This class has been instrumental in making a positive impact on our family and my relationship with my children.”  –Jennifer Boradbent

“Georgia, helped me to find the joy in parenting again. This class helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses as a parent. It helped me to learn how to handle tough situations with my kids. I am now yelling less and talking and listening with my kids more. I feel more in control as a parent without having to be demanding and mean to my kids. I can communicate in a loving way and am seeing results! And my kids and I are becoming closer than we have before! Would Highly recommend this class to anyone with kids.”  -Amber Gay

“Georgia is the bomb and the class provides real life, research based, ideas on how to be a parent – the most important job I have.” –Brian Selander

“Georgia was a wonderful teacher. I loved listening to her experiences. She was really good at explaining the different techniques and being encouraging. I enjoyed everything about her teaching style.”  -Tilia Krallis

“Georgia has made it so parenting isn’t such a mystery anymore. I know how to handle situations a lot better and how to see things from my kids perspective. I feel like I have a toolbox of skills that I can use now.” –class member

“Active parenting has made me look at parenting from a whole different perspective. There is a deeper understanding between my kids and I when I look at the world through their eyes. I am better equipped with tools from this class to handle everyday situations like fighting or bedtime all the way up to having the big talks about sex & drugs.” –Lindy Sorensen, class member

“I loved taking a parenting course from Georgia. She was able to make the overwhelming job of a parent seem more manageable by providing us with useful tools and expert guidance. You can tell she loves teaching and really wants to help each member of her class succeed as a parent!” -Liz Ford

“Georgia Anderson is a natural parenting coach. She has done her homework, both in real life as a mother, and in the study of good parenting technique. She shares her own stories freely; and also creates trust among the people in the class to share their own challenges and wisdom. She is fun, and full of good ideas, both in her lesson plans and her own spontaneity. She guided us through a great course with good information and practice. I think Georgia’s class is a great help for the big problems, but any parent can use the fine tuning that her courses offer. I am simultaneously a parent and grandparent, and I have sought and read the good ideas of “those who know” all my life; I love thinking and talking about the family practice. I loved the things she brought out about emotion and how to interpret and respond in varied situations. It made me think, and examine my own behavior. I’m so glad I took a few nights from my life to be there, and be enriched. “–Janette Marshall

“This course helped give me the tools I needed to become a better listener, a more successful parent, a genuine friend, and an understanding spouse. I’ve gained a greater knowledge of being a good communicator and will use the principles I learned in this course for a lifetime.”  –Becky Gardner

“This is a parenting that is taught in a non-threatening, open class setting. It teaches new skills each week which are based on common parenting techniques. The great thing is that these skills are things you are likely already using. The instructor helps to break down situations and let you see what key steps you might be missing our how to use the skill more effectively. These life skills that are taught help to develop a parent-child relationship that weill keep communications and productive problem solving an ongoing process throughout your life. The instructor was very personable and easy to relate with. The class was good use of time and helped me improve relationships and parenting skills in my home.” -Sarah Dunn